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5 Simple Secrets for Creating a Powerful Real Estate Ad That Resonates

REALTORS® need clients to survive. But how do you write ads to get clients through your door? You can do it yourself with a few secrets that will make you look like a pro.

Use Keywords to Ask a Question

When you create your headline, do some keyword research to discover what your potential clients are looking for. Then, create a question with the one you want to highlight. For example, the keyword “how to find a real estate agent” shows up 1900 times per month in Google searches. If you turn this into a question, “How to Find a Real Estate Agent in (Your City) – Top 5 Questions to Ask,” that is a great headline.

Tell an Empathetic Story

Your future customers want to know that you understand their needs. Stories are a great way to share your authentic personality and let your customers know you get them. Don’t be afraid to let readers know you’re a real person. Share a story that will help show your reader the point you’re making.

Find an Emotional Connection

Use words like “you” when writing your ad copy. Make it feel like you’re having a conversation with them. People respond to certain emotions, like fear, greed, and pride. Try to tap into those emotions while you’re creating your ad. For example, “This gorgeous home won't last long in this market” or “Be the envy of your block!” Remember, people buy on emotion and rationalize their decision with facts and data.

Everyone Listens to the Same Radio Station (WII FM)

Everyone is interested in only one thing – what’s in it for me? When writing your ad remember to tell your clients what you will do for them. Tell them why you’re different and better than the competition, but share how that benefits them. No one cares how awesome you are until you can show how awesome you can make them feel. Don't be afraid to make promises that you know you can keep. For example, "I promise to be the real estate agent you can count on. You can turn to me with all of your real estate questions."

Solve Their Problem

The most important thing is you need to show your reader how you’re going to solve their problem. Think about your client and why they clicked your brokerage during their search. What outcome are they trying to achieve? If you can answer that question and show the reader that you can do it better than the competition, you’ve got yourself a new client.

The secret to writing a great ad is to stay focused on your potential client. Help them see how you will benefit them and that hiring you will be the smart choice. As long as you keep these tips in mind, your real estate ad will hit its mark.

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