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Jodie Cordell

Freelance Copywriter





2242 Titanium Drive

Crestview, FL 32536

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Jodie Cordell Real Estste Writer

A Bit About Me

When I started in real estate in 2018, digital marketing wasn’t practiced or taught by most of the agents I worked with. I remember sitting through classes that taught you to knock on doors, cold call FSBOs and expired listings, and hit up your friends and family to generate leads. I remember thinking, “Surely there’s a better way to do’s the 21st century, for crying out loud!”


Real estate was flailing about in dinosaurland as recently as just a few years ago.

But I didn’t want to grow my real estate business using tired, outdated techniques. So, I looked for a better way. And, of course, I found it through digital marketing.

I had to find my own way and learn a lot by doing. I found some great mentors to help me navigate and master my marketing strategies. It turned out to be an amazing experience. I discovered that I loved marketing even more than practicing real estate. And I thought there's got to be other real estate agents who would LOVE to implement some digital marketing into their businesses but don't have anyone to turn to. That's when I decided to fill that need. 

I LOVE writing and studied journalism in college, even working as a reporter and features writer at my college newspaper. However, I fell into marketing purely by accident while I was still a student in college. A friend of mine had just graduated and landed a job running a start-up record label called Aaron Ave. Records. He approached me with a wonderful opportunity – he asked me to help him with marketing for the label, and I jumped at the chance. I worked there for two years and absolutely loved it. It was the best experience I could have hoped for. 

When it was time to move on, I went into advertising. I learned a lot during those years helping small to medium-sized businesses with their advertising campaigns. I learned to create campaigns, ads for print media, radio spots for on-air advertising, and manage individual accounts.  I developed many relationships, built incredible campaigns for my clients, and mastered problem-solving skills that helped me grow revenue. 

Today I work with clients, especially in the real estate industry, building brand awareness, generating leads, and converting prospects into clients. I write copy that tells stories and inspires people to take action. I specialize in building the know, like, and trust factor for the clients I work with. Real estate is a highly competitive industry. I help my clients stand out and rise above the noise. 

Currently, I'm working full-time as a content creator at, a site dedicated to delivering actionable advice to real estate professionals.

I'm also an Air Force retiree spouse, mom, dog fanatic, wine lover, and travel enthusiast. 

Key Skills

  • Copywriting 

  • Email Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing 

  • Blogging 

  • Web Content Writing  

  • WordPress 

  • Content Management Systems 

  • Mac and PC Systems 

  • Google and Microsoft Suites 

  • Copy Editing 

  • SEO Marketing 

  • Landing Pages 

  • B2B Copywriting 

Work Experience

May 2022 – Present

June 2020 – May 2022

July 2018 – Present

October 2017 – July 2018

4 years between 2001 – 2008

October 2004 – January 2009

Content Creator | The Close – As a content creator, I write articles specifically for an email list. The articles are designed to persuade readers to click to the full article inside The Close. The articles are SEO-driven offering engaging, fun, informative content for real estate professionals. 

Copywriter | Freelance – As a copywriter, I write copy that motivates customers to take action. I create SEO content for online businesses, specializing in the real estate, travel, and tourism industries. I craft persuasive copy for email marketing campaigns, web pages, landing pages, lead magnets, B2B copy, marketing collateral, and more.

Real Estate Agent | Spence Properties –  As a real estate sales agent, I generated buyer and seller leads through content and digital marketing. I successfully negotiated more than $2.2M in home sales in 2019, leading my brokerage in revenue. I sold $2.3M in 2020 and $2M in 2021. I created lead magnets (checklists, ebooks, guides, etc.) to use with my video marketing efforts to generate buyer and seller leads. I built email marketing campaigns to nurture leads from prospect to client. I specialized in military relocations and helped several military members move to the area. 

Recruitment Specialist | NW Florida Daily News – As a recruitment specialist for the daily newspaper, I worked with local business owners and recruiting managers as a trusted advertising consultant. I assisted in the creation and placement of online and print ads for job openings for a wide range of companies. I nurtured relationships with my clients and managed their expectations. I proactively attacked any issues to maintain revenue and grow my existing accounts.

Retail Account Executive | KWFB BOB FM Radio, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, FW Weekly – As a retail account executive for two different publications, and one radio station, I worked with local business owners as a trusted advertising consultant. I assisted in the creation and placement of print ads and on-air spots for a wide range of businesses. I fostered excellent relationships with my clients and always met or exceeded their expectations. I conquered any issues to maintain revenue and grow my existing accounts. I created campaigns for my clients, complete with spec ads, schedules, expectations on ROI, and more. 

Flight Attendant | American Eagle Airlines – As a flight attendant for a regional airline, I was responsible for the ultimate safety and comfort of all passengers onboard my aircraft. I typically acted as the sole flight attendant, performing all pre-flight safety checks, weight and balance count, customer service in-flight, as well as any in-flight emergency procedures. I reported directly to the captain on board for every flight. 

Education & Training

University of Texas at Arlington

American Writers and Artists, Inc.

Smart Blogger Campus

Florida Real Estate Sales License

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

Business to Business Copywriting Mastery

Accelerated Copywriting Certification (Estimated October 1, 2021)

Email Marketing Certification (Estimated October 1, 2021)

Current (2018 – Present)

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