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Real Estate Writing That Sells

Email Marketing, Website, SEO, Content Writer for the REAL ESTATE  industry.


And start attracting your ideal clients to you. Get the maximum benefit from your marketing with a copywriter who speaks real estate.

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Client love...

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I just presented the copy to our clients, Mary and Vince, and they love it! This is how they described the copy: “Jenn, this is marvelous! Our voice is perfect!


– Jenn Mayers

Keyboard and Mouse

I write content for your real estate business including...

email marketing campaigns

web site content

 social media 

blog posts 


case studies

white papers

video scripts

brochure copy

landing pages

lead magnets



...and so much more to help you attract and convert leads and close more real estate transactions.

Are you tired of chasing leads through outdated, time-sucking methods?

I'm Jodie Cordell, and I'm here to revolutionaize the way you do business..

I specialize in crafting compelling content that not only tells your brand story but also attracts your ideal clients effortlessly.

Stop chasing down leads by knocking on strangers' doors, cold calling FSBOs and expired listings, or spending a giant amount of your potential profit on leads from Zillow. 😱 There is an easier way!

I became a real estate agent in 2018 and quickly realized most of the training focused on the old-school ways of lead generation. I knew right away that THAT wasn't going to get me where I wanted to be. 

I spent the next year learning as much as I could about 21st-century digital marketing strategies and used them to sell millions of dollars in real estate. And I did it without cold-calling or knocking on any doors. 


The best part is when my clients contacted me, they were ALREADY CLOSED. I didn't have to convince anyone to work with me. They already knew me and wanted to work with me. AND YOU CAN HAVE THAT, TOO.

Today I'm using those skills to help other real estate professionals market to their ideal clients using attraction marketing. My content strategies propel them to the top of their market, make them community influencers, and boost their real estate deals.

Let me show you a better way to do real estate.

What do you need?


Build Your Tribe

One of the best ways to continuously drive traffic to your website and build your prospect list. 


Establish Your Voice

You have expertise you can share. Let me help you find your words and attract clients that you enjoy working with.


Build Your Clout

Once you build your list, it's time to nurture them and build your "know, like and trust" factor. Stay top-of-mind.


Make a Connection

Want to build that know, like and trust factor faster? Use video to connect. I can help with scripts that capture your message and your personality.


Reach Your Customers

Get in front of your prospects with highly valuable content. Be the answer to their problem.


Build Your SEO

If you want to get found on the internet, you're going to need a little SEO savvy. I can help with blog posts designed around your keywords.

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