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Hi. I'm Jodie Cordell

 I'm a copywriter, content writer, SEO, and digital marketing specialist. 
I'm also a REALTOR®

If you work in the real estate industry and you're looking to boost your digital marketing results, then you can count on my knowledge of both real estate and marketing to clarify your messaging.


I create strategic, specialized content for the real estate industry. I can tell the story of your brand, help you achieve an online presence, and create a user experience that builds lifelong relationships with your clients. 

I have a deep passion for helping businesses attract and convert clients through skillfully crafted content writing. I give voice to your ideas and promotions. I also believe in the power of a great user experience and love helping create that for businesses.

Bathroom with bathtub

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”  

                                                                                                 ― Maya Angelou


My love for real estate is matched only by my love for marketing. I've been able to successfully pair both of my passions together to provide an amazing service for companies just like yours.


With my years of experience in marketing, advertising, content writing, and copywriting, along with my experience as a licensed, working REALTOR® in Florida, I have a unique perspective to bring to the table.


I can help you tap into the pains in the real estate industry because I know them. And you won't have to train me to understand the language because I already speak it. 

Why Should You Work With Me?


Plus, I'm a lot of fun to work with!


I became a real estate agent in 2018 and I absolutely loved it. I closed over $4 million in real estate sales from 2019 through 2020. I closed more than $2 million in 2021 working part-time.


And I've been able to use my writing skills (along with my passion for video) to attract people to me from all across the country.

And my clients love me before they ever actually meet me.


I have trained extensively to create content that gets noticed and attracts clients to you. I'm currently a full-time content creator for


If you need content that helps build trust with your clients or need to develop your clients' user experience throughout your marketing strategy, or just need to convert more of your leads as they enter your sales funnel, you're in the right place!



Book a FREE virtual coffee with me!


I write content for professionals in the real estate industry. I help build brands, focus messaging, and build stronger relationships with clients. Count on me to create...

  • web pages

  • email marketing campaigns

  • social media strategies

  • blog posts

  • articles

  • video scripts

  • white papers

  • case studies

  • testimonial pages

  • brochures

...and much more. In essence, if you need copy, I can write it.

Beach Fench

Today, I'm focused on helping real estate professionals and businesses who market to the real estate industry build their client base, grow their credibility, attract and convert new leads, and close more sales by creating content and copy.


I have such a deep passion for copywriting and love seeing businesses grow with my help. So if you're ready to take your real estate marketing to the next level, contact me today to get started! 

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